Sportsmanship Expectations

Kids learn best by following an example.  A pattern of disrespect and abuse on the part of an adult can have a profound effect on young minds.  Even an unguarded moment can have a lasting effect.

Running up the score on another team serves no one's purpose.   Nowhere in our procedures is there anything that gives your team status, or an advantage in the standings, by posting a large number in the "goals for" column.  Goal differentials of 7 goals or more in one match are likely to initiate a call from the Commissioner or President to the Clubrep of the offending team.

Soccer is perhaps the best sport in existence to teach players how to make their own decisions.  Please remember that in addition to molding kids into disciplined and skillful soccer players, we also have the responsibility of training tomorrow's adults to make reasoned decisions about things that will effect their character, their respect for others, and their respect for themselves forever.