Sept 2004 BOD Minutes

ODSL Monthly Meeting Minutes

August 12, 2004


Brought to Order 8:00 pm/Adjourned 9:40 pm


Members in Attendance:

President Gary Brindle

Girls Commissioner Bob Gray

Boys Commissioner Randy Martin

Administrator Dave Milne

Registrar Lisa Wilson

Secretary Paul OConnell


Members in Absent:

Vice President Wilson Gilbert

Treasurer Debbie Cervantes



Minutes of Prior Meeting:

Minutes from August 2004 meeting were read and approved








  • A lot of teams are trying to change their schedules for field availability reasons.  ODSL is accommodating some, but not all.  We are making every effort to smooth out the schedule for teams with valid reasons for changes.
  • A team has made several requests for refunds of their ODSL fees.
    • The team applied to ODSL and NCSL
    • They were accepted to NCSL but failed to contact ODSL prior to the deadline for a refund.  Theres a 12 day difference between the time they decided to change and the date they asked for the refund. 
    • A motion was made and passed to deny the request for a refund. 
  • Refunds for the teams that met the deadline (except for one check that hadnt cleared yet) went out on the 6th of August.



  • VYSA has changed the maximum number of transfers from 3 to 5.  ODSL registration manual still says 3.  Motion to change the ODSL manual to match the state recommendation for 5 transfers for seasonal year.  Motion was seconded.
    • Discussion
      • Down side is that it is could lead to more poaching of players.  In the past, the 3 transfer limit has made people think twice before splitting up a team.  When they find out that they cant take more than three players with them, the generally dont split. 
      • A team with 14 would quickly become 9 if five of them leave. 
      • If the other local leagues allow 5, but ODSL stays at three, a team from another league may try to take 5 players from one ODSL team, but ODSL can only replace 3 of them.
    • Motion made and passed to table this until the meeting in Oct.with Club reps.
  • A player from McLean wants to transfer to a Herndon team. Motion was made and passed to approve transfer.
  • A McLean team wants to move a player from one team to another to balance out the number of players on the two teams.  Team A has 17 and Team B has 15. Motion was made and passed to approve transfer.
  • Request from Administrator: ODSL should put together a form that we send to all of our registrars to record details of received checks.
    • Data should include team name, number, check number, amount, number of boys and number of girls. 
    • Sending a form with the checks will save the Treasurer a lot of research / reconciliation time. 
    • Include the Treasurers mailing address on the form.
  • Add an agenda item for the January open meeting to have teams pay the VYSA fee for a full roster @ $10.50 per player along with their league.  Question: What happens to the extra money?  Should money be banked and teams that use more than the banked amount for transfers or adds would be charged extra?  Would teams that never used the banked amount be refunded?
  • Some teams still have not submitted rosters.
    • 7 teams that we have not submitted rosters. 
    • President: Send the list to the board so we know which teams they are and can act on them.


Boys Commissioner                       



  • Interleague play
    • Schedules will be finalized Monday, 9/13 and sent to participating teams
      • Fees: ODSL will pay the fees for all the interleague play and will send invoices to each participating team
    • One U15 team has pulled out because they were scheduled to play on Sunday.
      • Boys commission to look for a replacement
      • Need to let the organizers know by next week.
  • Premier Athletic Club
    • Based on late notification of withdrawl of two of the clubs four teams, a motion was made and seconded to place them on probation
    • Discussion: 
      • This club did not follow ODSL guidelines
      • The late withdrawal causes rescheduling problems.
      • A recommendation was made that if they want to bring in any more teams in the spring, the rosters must have the players on them when they request to add the teams. 
      • PAC has also failed to turn in their rosters on time for the other two teams. 
    • The motion to place Premier Athletic Club is on probation for the Fall season passed.
      • Any teams coming in in the Spring, the teams must have players ROSTERED by the application deadline.  Those rosters must be taken to the LEAGUE REGISTRAR, not the currently assigned registrar for that club.


Old Business

  • Letter provided to Administrator to include with check to ASC for Soccer Development Loan


New Business

  • Location for October meeting
    • Hampton Inn first option, Holiday Inn is second option
  • Question: At the Annual Meeting, waivers were granted for three teams in age group for clubs.  Who keeps track of the requirement to retain teams in ODSL?
    • The Executive Board keeps track of that in the Annual Meeting minutes.  When applications for the next season come in, we review whether they met the requirements for the waivers.


Motion to adjourn was made at 9:40.  Motion passed.