ODSL Policy on Weather Delays

  • In the event that play is suspended and conditions will not allow for the game to resume, the game will be considered an official match if one half of the scheduled length of the game has been completed. No requests to re-play the suspended game will be considered. Games suspended before one half of the scheduled length of the game has been completed shall be rescheduled and re-played as if the suspended game had never been played. Discipline points for red or yellow cards received in suspended games will be counted against individuals and their teams.
  • If a match is suspended for weather, the teams should remove themselves from the field for a period of time determined by the referee. If the match cannot be continued within 30 minutes, the match should be abandoned. If there is no match on the field following the match, and the teams and referees all agree to remain, a weather suspension could be extended by more than 30 minutes. If play resumes, the match should be played in its entirety unless agreement on a shortened time can be reached by both teams.