ODSL Exec Board Mtg, 5-10-2012

ODSL Executive Board Meeting

Directors in attendance:  Karen Klump (President), Lisa Wilson (Registrar), Steven Kirk (Secretary), David Murphy (Treasurer), Greg Waldrip (Boys Commissioner), Dave Milne (Administrator, Wayne Gardella (Vice President), Tom Lewis (Girls Commissioner)

Directors absent:  

Others in Attendance: Rene Madigan

Meeting called to order at 7:57pm.


Minutes from 19 April 2012 Club Representative Quarterly Meeting were presented. A motion was made to approve the minutes with a deletion of a one line under the administrator’s section. Motion was seconded and minutes were approved.

  • Dave presented the report as of the end of March.
  • Concern is being raised about referees and the fact that they are not kidsafed but yet have access to players information.
  • State Database was released for testing and to test users.
  • Lisa will be looking at clubs and their registrars and will be coming up with a new list of clubs and who they are assigned to.
Boys Commissioner:  
  • Nothing additional to report.
Girls Commissioner:  
  • Nothing additional to report.
  • Dave will be sending an email to teams this week recapping a few administration issues.
  • Discussion on if we want to remove goals for from the standings page because teams are running up the score. Decision was made to remove the column from the standings page. Information can be seen on the individual team page.
  • U9’s are not reporting their scores. Dave is using the referee report to get the scores.
  • Dave will be sending an email to the referees to make sure they check the player passes and remind that they need to report their matches so that they can be paid.
  • Application needs to be posted by the June 1st.
  • Need to send an email out to the U14’s to see what their plans are for the fall.
Vice President: 
  • Nothing additional to report.
  • Nothing additional to report.
Old Business:  
  • Discussion was had on how to word the email to the club reps concerning 22 player roster
New Business:  
  • Motion was put forth and seconded to raise the VYSA Fee portion due to teams set at the maximum players allowed on the roster.
  • Discussion was had on fee increase for ODSL team fee. Dave proposed a $25 increase across the board for all teams.
  • Motion was put forth and seconded to raise all team fees by $25 per season across the board. Motion was passed.
  • Sierra Avengers FC met the requirements on their conditional acceptance voted on at the club rep quarterly meeting, so they are now full fledge members.
  • International Football Club is seeking membership into ODSL. Membership will be voted on at the AGM Meeting.
  • Discussion was held on how to keep personal matters out of club rep meetings when discussing a new club applying for membership. Lisa will develop a new procedure on how new clubs will apply for membership and the process for obtaining membership.
  • An email will go out to club reps informing them that the President and Treasurer position is up for election. Both current board members are rerunning for their offices.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:58 pm.