No v 2004 BOD Minutes

ODSL Monthly Meeting Minutes

November 11, 2004


Brought to Order 8:00 pm/Adjourned 9:30 pm


Members in Attendance:

President Gary Brindle

Administrator Dave Milne

Registrar Lisa Wilson

Secretary Paul OConnell

Treasurer Debbie Cervantes

Girls Commissioner Bob Gray

Boys Commissioner Randy Martin


Members in Absent:

Vice President Wilson Gilbert


Minutes of Prior Meeting:

Due to a technical problem, the minutes from the October meeting were not available for approval.  The Secretary read board memebers notes from the October meeting.





  • Distributed the treasurers report to attending members
  • Budget numbers in the report are based on the approved amended budget from the last board meeting.  The budget was amended because the actual number of teams in the league was higher than expected
  • Six Interleague teams will be contacted for not paying.  ODSL paid the registration fees for all ODSL teams participating in interleague play.  These teams are responsible to reimburse ODSL for their fees.
  • Field Development Loans should be OK as long as they are in accordance with the leagues mission.  Suggested to keep it clean and simple we should charge a nominal, small interest to show that it is a loan and not a grant.

o       President described the program for developmental loans to teams

o       Purpose was to use some of the ODSL funds to help teams develop new fields (improvements, new fields, etc.)

  • ODSL deposited NSF checks and two came back Account closed so the Treasurer drafted a letter to the teams looking for the amount of the check + the bank check fee + $5 for ODSL
  • QUESTION: Discuss idea to pay VYSA player fees for full 18 roster vs. playing for actual players.

o       After a brief discussion, this topic was tabled for a future meeting


  • It has been a pretty smooth season.  Schedules have worked well.  Trophies

o       All first place trophies are in locker.

o       Runners up will be in by the end of the weekend\

o       Distribution instructions are going out to the Age Group Coordinators

  • Sportsmanship ballots and instructions have been mailed

o       For future, the Administrator will prepare a packet with ref cards, bonus cards, sportsmanship awards for all teams.

  • Currently Demosphere owns the domain name.  Next month, we will take over as the named agent
  • VYSA Convention

o       ODSL needs to make decisions attending the conference in time to file applications.

  • The Administrator has been thinking about what we can do to keep the quality up. 

o       Would like the board to consider paying referees at the field.  Each team would have to pay 50% at the field.

o       This is uncommon in this area, but common throughout the country

o       This would reduce the cost of ODSL writing 800 checks throughout the season

o       This would attract more referees to our matches

o       How does it work?

         Say center is getting $40, each team would give him $20

         If line doesnt show up, the teams dont have to pay

o       How would this affect league fees

         Currently we budget 80% about of full expected fee.

         Still have to pay assignors flat fee plus fee for every rescheduled game

        Question: Could we pay assignors less when they dont assign 3 referees

o       This topic was tabled for further consideration at a future meeting.



  • Things have gone very well.  Not too many complaints from registrars on teams
  • 5 teams STILL dont have data in RosterPro (not counting those that are having problems with RosterPro)
  • New VYSA policies: Teams traveling within Region I USYSA events

o       New Jersey Must have permission to travel

o       Connecticut Its up to the tournament if they will require Permission to Travel form

o       All states in Region 1 (15 states) are listed on the VYSA web site.

o       Instant online permission to travel for travel outside Region I

         Online permission can be rejected after the fact if the submission is not appropriate

         The online submission should be used also for non USYSA event inside Region I

  • Motion to the Board:

o       VYSA has changed their transfer policy from 3 per seasonal year to 5 under the USYSA guidelines

o       Motion is to change ODSL from 3 to 5

         NCSL and WAGS are both going to vote on it

         Change would be effective in the spring

o       Question: Why was it set at 3 to begin with?  Answer: It was the state regulation.  However, it also helps prevent teams from being raided for players.

o       Motion is seconded

o       Additional discussion

         President: Natl coaches association is promoting the concepts of players being free agents so players can be moved back and forth between teams week to week to create a team for a particular game.  This can have a detrimental affect on teams for the benefits of individuals.

         Club Rep Comment: This will make it easier for a parent to break up a team by taking 5 players.  Response: They would not be able to break up a team and reform a new team.  They could only bring 5 total into the new team.

         President: I dont see how we can not make this change with the other leagues and the state going this way.  Staying at 3 could potentially penalize our teams.

o       Vote: Motion passed for the spring season

  • Administrator: Teams coming back from WAGS: Can I reissue the old ODSL number to the returning team?

o       Answer: Yes. 

o       Also, any team transferring between leagues has to redo ALL of their player ID cards


Boys Commissioner

  • This season has been very competitive.  Lots of division races havent been finished yet.
  • Question: Can trophies be distributed before the division is completed?

o       Commissioner can decide to distribute early if:

         First and second is decided

         Team has finished playing (even if there are games left in the DIVISION that wont affect standings)




  • Appeals committee

o       LOUD Spirit: Game 1161 re: Score reported.LOUD claimed game was 4-3 Opposing team reported 3-3. Official game card was 3-3 Official had confirmed this with the AR after the game before reporting the score.Appeal has been denied.  Insufficient evidence to overturn the referees reported score.  Score will stand at 3-3.SYC Flash: Game 1321 Game was etermined by the board to be officialGame was refereed by volunteer. Dispute was whether the game was agreed to as an official game. Not enough information to overturn the decision. Another point of appeal was that the game was terminated early by the official due to an altercation on the field. Had there been a registered official at the game and the game had been terminated, there would be no basis for appeal. Per VYSA, the volunteer official has the same standing as the official official. Condition of the field: Games were played before and after this game. Unsafe area was marked outside the field. Nets were not secured

         Question from SYC Did the official or did the ARL coach call the game?  Do we have a statement from the volunteer official?

         Question from member: Were any cards issued?  Answer: No, but SYC took action and suspended their player involved in the altercation for one game.  Question: Did the ARL club follow with their player?  Answer: Per email descriptions, a foul was committed by the ARL player, then a SYC player assaulted the ARL player.  Comments from both sides are conflicting and not clear enough to issue a sanction against the ARL player.

         Points of the appeal: Field condition Nothing based on the description of the field indicates that the coach would have been justified in agreeing to NOT play the game.  Games were played before and after.  Specific items sited in the appeal do not indicate that they were significant enough to warrant not playing. Legal Authority to Terminate the game From the ARL side they say the official terminated the game.  The SYC side claims the ARL coach terminated the game. Question: Was the termination of the game disputed by anyone at the time?  Did the SYC return to the field?  SYC: It wasnt disputed until the SYC team determined it was an official game.


Motion to adjourn 9:30 was made and passed.