Home Team Responsibilities for Rain-Outs

If your club closes its fields you must:  

  • Contact your opponent immediately, allowing adequate time for them to contact team members before they begin traveling to your field. On your team page you can click on the name of your opponent to go to their team page and find contact information.
  • Make sure that someone from your club has contacted the referee assignor. Number for your referee assignor can be found on your club page.

If the teams would like to have input on the rescheduling of the match, the home team has 72 hours to attempt to reschedule the match according to a schedule agreeable to you and the other team.  To do so, you should:  

  •  Contact your field representative (info on the club page) and see what your options are for available dates, fields, and time.  
  • Get agreement from the other team manager.  
  • Notify the League Administrator. Be sure to include the official ODSL Match Number, the date, time, and field for the rescheduled match.  Please don’t send an email until you have complete information.  Send your email to administrator@odsl.org

 The league administrator will change the schedule and website, and send an email notification to all team personnel involved as well as the referee assignor, when the change is official. If you fail to get this accomplished in 72 hours, the league administrator reserves the right to step in at any time after that and reschedule the match as seen fit without your involvement. Once rescheduled, the changes are final.

NOTE: some clubs have rules for acquiring field time for make-ups that vary.   Please check with your club rep about their rules.