FAQs for the Online VYSA Registration System

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What are the benefits of this new system?

This rostering system allows us to do the same thing we’ve been doing in a MUCH greener manner!  The time and effort required by our team managers will be greatly reduced, since there is no more traveling back and forth to the registrars with the packets for approval! 


How do I even get started creating my roster?

·         All links to getting started can be found on the VYSA website under “Registration.”

·         Before you begin, make sure each of your team officials has completed their on-line Kidsafe application.  You will NOT get a userid/password for the database just by completing your KidSafe application.

  • When you start the team application, it will prompt you to select a club.  If your club name is NOT LISTED in the drop down box, this means your club has NOT completed their Club Application.  Contact your club and tell them to complete the club application as they are stopping you from registering your team!
  • The online application now includes a space to enter the earliest August tournament your team plans to enter.  This information is required to inform the registrar when the team needs the roster.  Priority for approval by the registrars is State Cup and August tournaments by date.
  • Once you submit the initial application for your team, the user id and password will be emailed to the person entered as primary team contact.  You DO NOT need them to start to register your team, only to get back into the system once you have logged out.
  • Once you have logged out of the system, you can use the link on the VYSA website to log back in.  (Or, easier yet, add it to your “favorites” on your browser!)
  • You will not be able to print passes or rosters until 8/1 at the earliest, and only after it has been approved by your league registrar.


Do I need to upload new photos?

All players and team officials must have a photo uploaded.  The photos are good for 2 years.  If the photos were uploaded last year, then you should see a small camera icon next to the player or team official name, indicating that they already have a photo.  Photos for team officials are good for 5 years.  After the roster has been approved, the photos will be “locked down,” meaning that they may not be changed after approval.  If there is an issue, it will have to go to the state office to be changed.


My photos won’t upload.  The error message is that they are too big.  What do I do?

The following link on the VYSA website had suggestions for how to resize / crop photos:  http://www.vysa.com/registration/639512.html.  The database application requires that the photo not be larger than 120x120 pixels. 


Do I need to upload proof of age?

If the player was in the VYSA database during the 2012-13 seasonal year, then you should see a checkbox next to their date of birth in the system.  This means that no further verification is needed.  If the checkbox is missing, then you must upload, in pdf format, an acceptable proof of age.   The acceptable proofs of age have not changed.  The proof of birthdate documents will be deleted from the system at the end of the seasonal year, but the fact that the age has been verified will be carried forward every year.


My player was born outside the US.  What do I need to do?

On the VYSA website, there is an international section with detailed information on forms required for players born outside the United States.  There is not a place in the VYSA database to upload this information.  Please complete the forms as required, and scan in the forms and any required support documentation, and email them to your assigned registrar.  Or, if you prefer, you can take them to your registrar and place in their box.  These forms must be to your registrar before the roster can be approved.


For some reason, I’m not able to update the information on my roster.  What’s happening?

The reason for this (99% of the time!) is that you have submitted your roster for approval.  Once submitted, you are not allowed to make any changes.  You can check the status of your application by looking at the “team” view.  If it’s waiting for approval, then contact your registrar and request that they unapprove it.  You will then be able to go in and make the necessary changes.


ODSL requires a code of conduct signature sheet.  What do I do with it?

Please scan in the completed signature sheet and email it to your assigned registrar.  Many people have asked if all the signatures must be on one sheet.  No, they do not.  If you are willing to scan in multiple sheets, then we are willing to accept them.


I have a player from Maryland that wants to play on my Virginia team.  What do I do?

A Maryland player must register on-line with Maryland State Youth Soccer Association (http://msysa.org/playerregistrationforms/directregistration/507341.html) each Seasonal Year.  When the completed form is displayed on the screen, it needs to be printed out.  You will need 5 copies of this printed form - no hand printed forms will be accepted.


Download and complete the Interstate Permission Form.  You will need 5 copies of this completed form.


There is a special button in the GroupNet application which allows you to print a pass for the MD player.  The VA team will need to print out the MD player pass and take it to a dual registrar along with all the paperwork for approval.  Required paperwork means 5 copies of the completed online registration form, 5 copies of the Interstate Permission Form, receipt showing payment of fees, acceptable proof of age, and new player pass. 


Dual registrars in Virginia:  Lisa Wilson, 571-283-1094 or 703-497-1146;  Melissa Riemer - 703-906-3555; Carmen Garzone - 202-378-7606; and Eric Itsweire - 301-652-9302


These steps must be taken before your league assigned registrar can approve the roster.  Please scan in the stamped pass and approved permission to play across state lines form and send to your league assigned registrar.  (That way, they know it has been done.)


 I have a player from West Virginia that wants to play on my Virginia team.  What do I do?


The player must register on-line with the West Virginia Youth Soccer Association (https://www.youthleaguesusa.com/wvsa/13-14/cgi-bin/releasetoplay1.cgi).  Through this link, the player can register and pay their WV insurance fee online.  Once the fee is processed, the WV registrar will email the approved form to the league assigned registrar.  The league assigned registrar can then approve your roster.  There is no longer any need to send the pass to WV!!  We now have a reciprocal agreement with them, which makes the process much easier and faster.

You can add the player to the team.  You will need to enter the player as an out of State player with their out of state player id.  Their player ID number is the exact same as Virginia’s, but you need to enter the number manually, so please review the format and enter it.

What is the format of the player ID?

The ID number is based on the legal first and last name of the player and the date of birth:  First six letters of last name, two digit birth year, two digit birth month, two digit birth day, first three letters of first name, followed by the numeral 1.  If there are fewer than six letters in the last name, or less than three letters in the first name, a “#” will be used for each missing letter.



Arnold Henderson born on 12/08/1954:  HENDER541208ARN1

                Jo Smith born 01/02/1939:  SMITH#390102JO#1

In cases where there may be legitimate duplicate ID numbers, you will receive an error message.  You will need to contact Lisa Wilson in the state office if this occurs, and she will verify the validity of the duplicate number, and modify the ID to have a 2 or 3 as the last digit.