Decision on the Fall 2020 Season

In a decision that has been the most difficult and carefully considered in ODSL's 28-year history, the Board of Directors has decided not to schedule a fall 2020 season. Time will tell if this decision was founded, but it was made from a sincere concern for the safety of the players, team personnel, spectators, and referees.

  • All clubs who choose to compete in the next ODSL season will receive a 50% reduction in league team fees.
  • Clubs that paid fees in the spring of 2020 and rolled them over to the fall 2020 season will receive an immediate and complete refund of their spring league fees from ODSL.
  • If you have teams who are determined to play this fall, you can contact other leagues of which you are a member, as some have agreed to allow late entries of ODSL teams if you act immediately.
  • Teams that wish to receive travel sanctioning and insurance coverage for the 2020-2021 year can submit a roster to VYSA through the Affinity system under their ODSL Team Number. ODSL will then pay the VYSA fees for the teams and bill the club. Registration is recommended if your team continues to practice and required if you plan to attend a tournament.
  • New teams can register through the Affinity system but must contact the ODSL Administrator ( to acquire an ODSL Team Number. If they use that number to register a roster with VYSA, their club will be billed by ODSL for the VYSA fees.

We appreciate your support and understanding.

The ODSL Board of Directors