Brd Mtg Minutes, 25 June 2009

ODSL Club Representative Annual General Membership Meeting




Officers in attendance:  Randy Martin (President), Lisa Wilson (Registrar), Tom Lewis (Girls Commissioner), Karen Klumpp (Secretary), Dave Milne (Administrator)

Meeting called to order at 7:35pm.


Minutes from the last board meeting (11 June 2009). Motion made to approve the minutes. Minutes approved.

  • The proposed budget for upcoming year was reviewed. It was based upon the past season.
  • Referees are still our largest expense. We’ve reduced what we will be spending on legal and accounting fees.
  • A motion was made to approve the proposed budget. Motion was approved unanimously.
  • New registration system was up earlier this year than any other year. All parts are up and running (KidSafe, Club Registration, Team database).
  • Appears to be running very well this year – fewer questions. This is due in part because of the changing of some of the screens viewed as well as some of the forms.
  • You may access the new system by going to: www.VYSAcom -> Registration -> 2009-10 database. If your club is still listed there, then your club has NOT completed the online application. This must be completed before the travel teams can start on their roster.
  • Some club reps have not received the mass emails. The database was not pulling in the travel league reps. The programmers are working on this and should be fixed by Friday, 6/26.
  • Please remind your clubs that you must receive your “special access” (actually called “Generic number 4”). This will allow you to approve (and unapprove) your teams. If your club does not know how to do this, please contact Lisa and she will get it set up for you.
  • Roster deadlines: If you are playing in a tournament 8/1-9, then the roster is due by 7/15. If in a tournament 8/15-23, roster is due 7/25. All other rosters are due 8/8. 
  • If they are playing in a tournament at the end of July, and then one at the beginning of August, please tell them not to get too excited. Let their registrar know, and the registrar will work with them to ensure that everything is completed in time.
  • Registrar changes: ASC will now go to Tammy Meyer. BRYC and BAC will go to Carol Coulter (new registrar). Be sure to check on the website for contact information.
  • New player passes are available tonight. The only change is a very faint notation in the upper right corner of the player pass. It states “Valid only for US Youth  Soccer recognized purposes.” This change came from the federation because so many teams have used their pass and roster for unsanctioned events and indoor soccer. If they are used for that purpose, they will be sanctioned by the federation.
  • There will be a registration training session at Marshall High School, July 11 at 12:00 in the cafeteria. The training session has been standing room only each of the past years that it has been held. There is more room in the cafeteria, so it should be more comfortable. How to do rosters, and all other paperwork involved in the creating the rosters and making roster changes will be covered. Please encourage everyone to attend.
  • Some of the new changes (or clarifications): If a player signed player pass last year in cursive, then it must now be signed in cursive each subsequent year. Photo must be a current photo (within 2 years).

Girls Commissioner:   After the registration closes, the division placement will be reviewed. If anyone needs to provide information as to why they wish to be placed somewhere, then please email the commissioners if it was not already indicated on the application. Comments must be submitted by 7/14.

  • At least 500 matches were rescheduled. Several games were rescheduled multiple times. Only 8 matches did not get played.
  • As club rep, you need to log onto your club page and log onto your Team Administration page. This will allow you to see all the teams that have registered or played in ODSL for the past several seasons. If you have a team returning from another league (played in ODSL previously), you can go to the team administration link and apply for them, which will allow them to retain all of their previous history. It will allow them to keep their old team number. This will help the competition committee, also, in determining where they should be placed.
  • This also gives you the opportunity to review and ensure that you know who the teams are that are applying under your club. Please vet the information to ensure you know who is applying under your club name.
  • The sportsmanship balloting process is not yet online. We still hope for it to be online soon. There will be an additional field on the team’s page (once they have logged in). They will then have an opportunity to submit the top 3 teams from their bracket . You get 6 points for a 1st place vote, 3 points for 2nd place vote, and 1 point for a 3rd place vote. Then, 1 point is subtracted for each yellow card, 2 points for each red card. If there is a tie, then the sportsmanship average was for the season will be added to the score to break the tie.
  • If the referee does not report on line or submit the green card, then they do not get paid.
  • Referee guidelines for sportsmanship are as follows: -2 is horrible behavior, -1 is bad behavior, 0 is average, 1 is good behavior, 2 is excellent behavior
  • Discussion continued on the pros/cons of the sportsmanship ratings. The major complaint about the system appears to be that there is not enough guidance to the referees to ensure that the refs are utilizing the same basic rules when applying a score to the parents, coaches and teams.
  • If a team wishes to change their name (or even club) they can do so on their application, but still keep their team number.
  • Update on the litigation case: As of last week, ODSL, VYSA and Blue Ridge Youth were dismissed from the case. The insurance company settled with the plaintiffs. The case continues against a small group of the defendants. They’ve reserved the right to call ODSL as a witness, but overall, the case is behind us.
  • Randy sat through about 8 hours of questioning, the scope of which was very broad. Several things came up that were determined to be lessons learned and be incorporated into our policies and procedures. An example of what may have come out of it: VYSA will put in a governance which holds the clubs responsible for the condition of the practice fields, goals, etc. If it is found that this is not being done, then VYSA may impose sanctions. Playing near or around unsecured goals should be considered as dangerous as playing when lightening in the area.
  • For teams that have already cast their vote for the sportsmanship ratings, they will not have to do it again. Randy will ensure that those votes will be put into the system. Once the system is up, an email will be sent out with instructions and they will have approximately 20 days to vote.
  • Nicole Cup: A charity 4v4 soccer tournament. Player was tragically killed in a car wreck. Father is a former DC United coach. Put together a foundation to provide scholarships to local students. Hosted by McLean Youth Soccer this year. Most DC United players come out.
  • Paul O’Connell also held position of ODSL Commissioner on VYSA Board. Randy will be taking that position with his first meeting this Saturday.
New Business: 

Three positions are up for election:

                Vice President: Wayne Gardella. No nominations from the floor.
                Secretary: Karen Klumpp. No nominations from the floor.
                Treasurer: Laurie Vicente. No nominations from the floor. 

Motion made to close the nominations. The motion passed. Motion made to approve the nominations as stated. Motion passed unanimously.

New Club Applications: 

Falls Church Futbol Club: They do have permits from Falls Church Parks and Rec. The club has been a part of NCSL for past 15 years. They would like to expand their program to include girls, and they are not a part of WAGS.   The club has a feeder program to help develop more travel teams. They would like to bring in a U9B, U10B and a U14B. They use Darke Associates as their referee assignor. Fields are at Larry Graves and Thomas Jefferson Elementary School. They also have use of George Mason High School artificial turf field (no permit, but an agreement).  There is an agreement between Fairfax and Falls Church that allows them to use the Thomas Jefferson elementary school field.


Saturation issue: Recreational players are encouraged to go to both Arlington and Falls Church tryouts.   They scheduled their tryouts after that of Arlington. They are not trying to take the players from the other clubs, but offer a place for them to play.


Motion made to approve the club. Motion seconded. Number of clubs opposed: 3 (PAC, BRYC, SYC).   Motion passed.


Fredericksburg Soccer Club Incorporated:  There was no representative present to answer specific questions. The club would have access to 2 fields at Patriot Park, and 1 field (small sided) at Spotsylvania Middle School. It would be a travel-only club, with Jack Hitchins as the referee assignor. FASA is not in support of this new club application.


Motion made to approve the club. Motion seconded. Number of votes for:  91; opposed: 145.  


Kingstowne Soccer Association: There was no representative present to answer specific questions. The club has 2 teams they would like to bring into ODSL. They currently have no teams in NCSL or WAGS. The club is located in the Hayfield area. Motion was made to not approve the club as a member of ODSL. The motion was seconded and passed.

Old Business:
  • Positive Coaching Alliance – have we pursued anything further with them? We had them ome in for a presentation about 1-1.5 years ago. We currently do not have anything formal with them. At the presentation, they stated that their program is actually better at the club level than at the league level
  • EPIC changing where they will play their home games. No problem is seen. Lisa is in contact with Dave Laraba. They will use the same referee assignor as is used in Sherando. The club needs to be sure to update their field permits in the database. Washington HS (Charlestown)– full-sized only available on Sunday, Morgan Grove (next to shephardstown), and southern Point (north of Berryville)- full sized. Permission to travel will not be required by the Virginia teams. Two of the fields are closer than those currently being used.

The meeting was adjourned at  9:25pm.