BOD Minutes Oct 2005

ODSL Monthly Meeting Minutes

October 13, 2005


Board Members in Attendance:

President Gary Brindle

Administrator Dave Milne

Girls Commissioner Bob Gray

Boys Commissioner Randy Martin

Secretary Paul OConnell


Board Members Absent:

Vice President Wayne

Treasurer Debbie Cervantes

Registrar Lisa Wilson


Clubs in Attendance:



Clubs Absent:



Meeting Called to Order at 7:40 pm

The board determined that the teams in attendance represented a quorum.


Minutes of Prior Meeting:

No minutes were read.





Treasurer reports were made available to all club reps.


FCSC Top Soccer requested support for their program.  ODSL has supported top soccer in the past and plan to do so in the future.  Gary asked that clubs with needs like this to contact ODSL.  The budget for the Good of Soccer is small, but theres usually a little extra from teams that withdraw after the deadline and dont get refunds.


The largest expense for the season was paying VYSA for 5,000 players.  As we get closer to the end of the season well send another check for additional players.  Well probably have about 5,700 players by the end of the season.  Weve collected almost enough from teams playing for full rosters.


Last time we met w/ club reps we discussed the issue of clubs paying with one check from the club instead of individual checks from teams.  (See New Business)


There were no questions in reference to the treasurers report.


Vice President

No conduct committee hearings.  A couple of situations have been referred to Wayne.  He contacted club reps and they have been working to address the issues aggressively.


Both the older boys and the U-13 girls age groups have teams with accumulated penalty points.  The Conduct Committee may issue a suspension if a player reaches 6 penalty points (Yellow Card = 1, Red Card = 3) in addition to automatic sit-outs for game ejections.  The Conduct Committee may suspend a coach whose team has accumulated 10 penalty points.   There is a reminder in the league operating procedures.  A recommendation was made that ODSL remind teams of that have accumulated points.


Dave pointed out that penalty points are posted on Scores & Standings, but they are not posted until the referee report is received.  Sometimes there is a delay. 




A lot of reschedules have been done for teams that want to play end of season tournaments that are creeping into our regular season.  Many southern tournaments are early.  Dave asked club reps to remind teams that apply for these tournaments to put in for a bye at the beginning of the season.  Making changes after they are scheduled is really difficult because so many parties are involved.  ODSL accommodated most requests made prior to season. 


ODSL will send a notice to all club reps soon with a form that will have to go to President of the club.  Each president must confirm that the club has run all volunteers through the KidSafe program.  Each clubs KidSafe administrator has to actually run the check through the state police database.  Each volunteer registered with KidSafe at the beginning of the season, but the KidSafe admin has to do run the volunteers against the database.  The President of each club is required to confirm that this has been done.  Dave will send email with attachment that is something for president to sign and fax / mail back.  If you are a travel only club, this may be a problem because you dont have a KidSafe administrator set up.  Contact Dave for assistance if this is the case.


ODSL night with DC United is this weekend.  51 teams are going to be attending ODSL night.  DC United is thrilled with what we are doing.  Playoffs on October 30th.  DC United wanted to know if ODSL would reschedule games for teams that have late games.  DC offered use of their fields.  Both teams must agree and both must buy tickets.


A number of teams are not completely filling out match reports.  Please ask teams to completely fill out reports before giving them to referees.  Make sure the reports have the match number.


Penalty points: Some temas have already accumulated 4 or 5 penalty points.  Some other clubs have contacted ODSL about these temas and are proactively trying to stop this.


The  new sit out card has been working very well.  So far everyone who has owed a sit out has sent in a card.  One exception was a trainer that was ejected, not coach or assistant coach.  This was a paid trainer, not a team official listed on the roster.  A long discussion ensued about the need for the league to be able to sanction team officials.  Points brought up by the club reps included the need for all team officials to be listed on the team roster and cleared through KidSafe.  Many felt that, as this trainer was not on the official roster but was acting as a sideline coach during this game, the teams coach should serve a sit out for the trainers ejection.

It was decided that, in this case, penalty points for the ejection would be applied to the teams coach. A motion was made to refer this case to the Conduct Committee.  The motion was seconded and passed.


Previously the question of whether we need to increase our fees to referees was raised.  ODSL referee fees are in line with other travel leagues.  ODSL has not raised referee fees in 6 season.  Prior to that there was a bidding war to attract referees.  Turns out the real factor in attracting officials is that referees want games where they get a measure of respect.  Gary pointed out that ODSL provides ARs at 11 and 12 when other leagues do not.  Dave recommend waiting for other leagues make a move on their fees. 


The Reston Soccer Association club reb asked if the Board had any information on WAGSs experiment paying referees on field experiment.  He offered that Reston referees would like to be paid on field.  Gary did not have any information on the results of the WAGS experiment but promised to keep his eyes and ears open.  Dave talked about the attention ODSL has paid to this idea over the last year.  He pointed out that, generally, referee assigners dont want that, but they would like to have referees paid more frequently.  Dave offered another idea would be for the league to pay the referee assigners and let them pay the referees directly. 


Another club rep commented that youth referees want to get paid on the field.  Gary repeated something he learned at the national conference.  At the national level, paying on the field has not shown to have a positive impact on retention or coverage.  Numbers are same where pay on the field and where pay at end of season.  Logistics of paying on the field have been worrisome.  Gary will talk to WAGS to see how their trial is working.


Dave added that assigners also dont want to put referees in the position of arguing with teams about getting paid. 


Gary concluded by agreeing to put this on the agenda for the January meeting.  He will get feedback from the WAGS experience.



Lisa could not attend the meeting but she contacted the board with her status. 


A few teams had problems getting their registration stuff done but there were no major problems with the switch to the new online registration system.


ODSL granted two waivers for transfers after the deadlines.  In these cases both coaches agreed that this is in the best interest of the player and there was no indication of any recruiting going on.


Lisa asked that all teams download and read the instructions for roster changes.   Registrars are still getting changes that are following the old rules.


Boys commissioner


Season has had lots of parents getting too involved with communication to the board.  The commissioners have even received phone calls from parents to find out why penalty points arent reflected the next day.  Only official reps of teams and club reps should contact the Board.


Discrepancies in scores will wait until cards are received from referee.


A Winchester team drove to Little River and found that the fields were not lined and there were no nets or corner flags.  The referee would not allow the game to be played.  Response back from the club rep was that the individual w/ keys to shed didnt show up.  They found key in time for following games, but not that one.  Home team agreed to forfeit the game.  An email vote among board members declared a forfeit.


Girls Commissioner

Everything is going according to schedule.  No reports of referee no shows. 


On the first weekend a play, a U18G team arrived at their match without player passes.  Their opponents agreed to begin the game with the stipulation that the cards would arrive before the game was over.  The game ended in a 1-1 draw.  The team could not produce player passes.  It was later learned that the team had not picked up their player passes from their registrar prior to the game.  The club rep added that this is a new team and there was some confusion about what was requested, player passes/cards or the match report / match card.  ODSL awarded a forfeit in favor of the other team.


A U-9 team had to withdraw due to lack of players.  Three of their players were too young for ODSL play as they would not turn 8 until halfway through the season.   Dave had to shuffle the age group around to provide all teams in that division with an 8th game.  Dave asked the club reps to make sure their clubs pre-qualify teams and make sure they have enough valid players before they allow them to register.




There has been a lot of email traffic concerning teams running up the score.  This seems to be most prevalent in the U-10 age group.  ODSL has always emphasized that running up the score against an outmatched opponent is not good sportsmanship.  This has been a part of recent pre-season meetings so all coaches should be aware of the leagues stance.


Gary suggested teams lose sportsmanship points (used for determining the sportsmanship award winners, not division standings) for goal margins greater than 6.  Discussion followed and the club reps offered other suggestions including seeding teams earlier and only posting a maximum of 9 goals on the web site regardless of the score.  Club officials and coaches are responsible for controlling the score in these games. 


ODSL will monitor game scores and send a letter from the president at the second occurrence of a lop-sided score.  Club reps will receive a copy of the letter.

Old Business


This topic was tabled in a previous meeting.  Some clubs pay all registration fees for all their teams in one check.  A recommendation has been made that all teams will pay leage and state fees via their clubs.  The goals of this change include:

  • Reduce the time and effort ODSL spends researching individual team checks that arrive without adequate documentation
  • Teams will not be able to register without club reps knowing about them (this does happen occasionally)
  • Reduces the number of bad checks from teams
  • Simplifies the process for refunding fees when teams withdraw


WAGS and NCSL already operate this way.  A motion was made to collect all fees from clubs, not individual teams.  The motion was seconded.  A discussion of the process followed.  Dave explained that club reps would see a list of teams that have applied to ODSL.  The club reps would send a club check for all teams playing in ODSL.  The clubs would be responsible for collecting fees from individual teams.  The club reps voted and the motion passed.



New Business


A club rep asked if ODSL be looking at 8v8 small-sided games.  Gary said that this will be on the agenda for the January meeting.  ODSL will vote on the continuation of the U-9 and U-10 program and consider changes to U-11 team sizes.  A club rep commented that being different from the other local leagues is causing problems.  Gary acknowledged this and said there is also a problem at state cup because some leagues are playing 8v8 at U-12 and others are playing 11v11.  Dave offered that a very important issue is whether clubs will have enough fields to support 8v8 teams.  If ODSL changes the team size for U-11 teams, three sized fields are require, one for U-9 and U-10 teams, one for U-11 teams, and one for U-12 and up teams.  Some times U-11s in the other leagues are playing on U-9 sized fields.


A club rep commented that some fields are being under utilized because they have to be committed to a particular league for an entire day.  He asked if there a way to get WAGS, NCSL, and ODSL to work together.  Dave answered that ODSL is willing to work with the other leagues.  He suggested that WAGS and NCSL club reps should bring this up with those leagues.  Dave warned that working more closely with WAGS and NCSL may have one negative effect.  Currently, ODSL allows teams a 72 grace period to reschedule rained out games.  If ODSL coordinates fields with the other leagues, ODSL may have to give up this flexibility and turn to automatic game rescheduling.  Dave also told the club reps that clubs can pull back fields that are underutilized.


A motion was made to adjourn at 9:18.  The motion was seconded and approved.