BOD Minutes July 2005

Monthly Meeting Minutes

Thursday, July 21st, 2005


The meeting was brought to order at 7:44

Members in Attendence:

President - Gary Brindle
Vice President - Wayne Gardella\\
Girls Commissioner Bob Gray
Boys Commissioner Randy Martin

Treasurer Debbie Cervantes

Secretary Paul OConnell

Members in Absent:

Registrar Lisa Wilson

Administrator Dave Milne

Minutes of Prior Meeting:

Minutes of the June, 2005 meeting were read and approved.

Treasurers report

There are still some player fees trickling in, as well as some game cards from referees who need to be paid

Approximately 40 teams have not paid for the fall.
Approximately 10 teams have paid amounts that are not the expected amount and require research.  Dave will follow up with those teams.

Administrators Report

Dave is waiting for division structures before doing first cut at schedules/

Cugini Soccer Club has moved all teams to WAGS and NCSL

About half of the  Harrisonburg Soccer Association have left to join a new league called Skyline along with teams from Charlottesville.  This new league was approved in executive session after the state AGM.  ODSL is the largest soccer league in the state, but we have no representation on the board. 

ODSL will have approximately 360 teams this fall.

Registrars Report

The new program coming online has caused many questions.  Training was not sufficient.  League registrars are going to have to be flexible.  As clubs and teams work through this process.

Vice President

As this was Waynes first board meeting, Gary discussed his duties as VP including chair of Conduct Committee.

Boys Commissioner

Randy shared some statistics about the Fall registration;
                127 boys teams (down from 133 in spring)
                U-14 age group is down 10 teams (28 to 18) Harrisionburg, Cugini, 5 to NCSL
                U-15 age group is down from 16 to 9
                Younger age groups, especially U-9 and U-10 are up

Girls commissioner

Of the 54 teams at U-10 last season, only 17 are returning for their U-11 season.  This is consistent with prior years.  Having enough teams in this age group for two divisions is a plus.

Wayne asked if ODSL will consider giving U-11 teams a choice between 8v8 and 11v11.  Gary predictged that small sided games at that age level will come up again at the January league meeting.  ODSL votes on all rule changes in January.  Bob  pointed out that, at the national level, some are backing away from the small sided concept.  Gary has heard the same rumblings.


Dates for the fall season have been posted on the web site.
                The season will start after Labor Day
                There will be no games Columbus Day weekend
                The coaches meeting will be the last Sunday in August, 28th

Sportsmanship voting participation was attrocious.  Only around 50% of teams voted.  Also, some teams only voted for one team even though rules and ballots say everyone must vote for three.

The vendor we have been using for trophies has moved to Florida.  Before he left, he completed the sportsmanship awards and purchased clocks for the winning teams coaches. He has recommended that we use Cassels Sports and Awards for trophies. 

Gary will invite Gordon Miller to speak at the fall coaches meeting.

Interleague play has received limited response from teams.  Gary will email the other leagues to see what kind of responses theyve received.  Debbie mentioned some club reps are not sending out inforamation about interleague play to eligible teams.

Old Business

Most items tabled at AGM are for discussion in October.

New Business

Bob asked if the Competition committee should consider penalty points when deciding on division structure.  Gary pointed out that nothing in the ODSL league rules say teams that finish first in their division have to move up.  Division structures are the responsibility of the Competition committee and the committee may consider penalty points in their decisions.

Debbie asked that Dave notify club reps to remind them to check with their club treasurers to remind them that they may need to send one check for all fees if we vote Yes in October.

A motion was made to adjourned at 8:36.  The motion was seconded and passed.