BOD Minutes Aug 2007

BOD Meeting Minutes, August 2007




Meeting was held in Leesburg, 15 August 2007.  Opened at 8:30pm.




Members Present:  Randy Martin, President; Karen Klumpp, Secretary; Dave Milne, Administrator; Bob Gray, Girls Commissioner; Greg Waldrip, Boys Commissioner




Minutes from July 2007 BOD meeting were approved with modification.




Treasurer Report:  Treasurer received draft of taxes for year ending 6/30/2007.  He will meet with the accountant to discuss categories.




Boys Commissioner:  One of the U18B teams decided not to play, another wanted to register as tournament only, which is not permitted by VYSA.   Suggested that ODSL reach out to older age groups:  What can we do to help them play?  Modified schedule?  Short-sided games?  Possible interest in playing teams from Maryland (would allow for a full division)?  Survey them to determine what encourages them to return each year.  Age group coordinators for this year’s divisions have been established.




Girls Commissioner:  One of the U18G wished to change divisions – need a team from D2 to offer to move up.  Email will be sent to age group coordinators.




Registrar:  Nothing to report.




Administrator:  Currently in the middle of scheduling.  In the U11 and U12 age groups, ODSL will pay for assistant referees if the club is able to field a 3 man team.  Some clubs did not provide Saturday field times.  They’ve been contacted to provide this information.  Scott Miller from DC United will be attending the pre-season meeting.




President:  The DC United ODSL night is 9/29/2007.  The pre-season meeting will be held on 8/26/2007 at Battlefield High School in Haymarket.  ODSL has 323 teams registered for the Fall season.  The Nicole Cup wished to thank ODSL Board for sponsorship.  The tournament generated approximately $38000 for the Foundation. 




Old Business:  None.




New Business:  Investigate estimates to have ODSL logo updated.




Meeting adjourned at 9:25pm.