Board Mtg Minutes, August 2010

 ODSL Executive Board Meeting


Officers in attendance:  Wayne Gardella (Vice President), Lisa Wilson (Registrar),  Tom Lewis (Girls Commissioner), Greg Waldrip (Boys Commissioner), Karen Klumpp (Secretary), Dave Milne (Administrator)

Meeting called to order at 7:35.


Minutes from the last board meeting (29 June 2010) were presented. A motion was made to approve the minutes. Motion was seconded and minutes were approved.

Treasurer :
  • Most recent statement from May 31 was distributed.
  • Responsiveness with the accountant had not been timely recently, so Dave spoke with the company and things will soon be on track. 
  • Referees and assignor fees (~$110,000) are not yet reflected in the financial statement. Referee fees were down slightly. ODSL is only paying for games reported either electronically, or for those without access, cards mailed in. The assignors have the tools necessary to ensure that the games have been reported. This will be even more important as the system will now feed directly into our Intuit check writing program.
  • CD will be maturing in the next month. Dave will look into rolling it over or finding higher return.
  • All of the checks for the fall season except for one club have been submitted. There will be 3 or 4 refunds to teams that withdrew prior to the deadline.
  • Registration is ongoing.
  • Some of the clubs will be using different registrars this season. The changes include: CYA and CHAN are going to Tammy Meyers. Debi Honaker has ODFC. Carol Coulter has ABGC and PAC.
  • Pictures can now be uploaded and printed directly on the passes. The upload feature is available for the players but not for the team officials. Demosphere will be working on this. 
  •  ( is one website which helps with the sizing of the photos.
Boys Commissioner:  
  • The number of teams in the U9 boys is the most we’ve had since other leagues opened up to this age group.
  • Discussion of ways of improving the number of teams in the older age groups continued.
  • One suggestion was to provide a way for teams to advertise they are looking for player (already available) but also allow for the players to post that they are looking for teams.
  • In both the boys and girls groups, there were teams that returned to ODSL without having been relegated from their previous league.
Girls Commissioner:  
  • Divisions have been established, with questions and/or issues resolved. 
  • Tom Yanosky assisted in the review and formation of the divisions. 
  • Tom was wondering if the league might want to consider setting up divisions of 5 allowing the teams to play against each other at home and away. This may be a way of tightening up competition.   Plus, it may give you a gauge of how your team is improving.
  • We had applications from over 412 teams; 27 withdrew to play in NCSL/WAGS or disbanded. We ended up with 378 teams playing this Fall, vs 330 teams last fall. We had 134 new teams.
  • Spring 2010 is just about wrapped up. Referee checks are about the only thing being finished. 
  • Tax returns for last fiscal year should be coming soon.
  • Dave manages the referee payouts. This takes about 10-15 hours every week in order to log the assignments into the payroll program. He spoke with Demosphere to merge the assignment program with the payroll program. Could cost ~350-$500.
  • Only about 100 cards had to be manually entered into the system. All other games were done electronically.
  • One team had a perfect referee scores. We had 2 teams that would have won if they had voted. Medallions to be given to the players are very nice.
  • New sportsmanship ratings: Unacceptable - Poor - Average - Good - Excellent. New scale from 0-4.
  • The number of teams with coaches coaching 2 or 3 teams are now up to about 150 teams. This makes it harder and harder to deconflict the teams.
  • 8/29 – preseason meeting. Start the new teams at 6:45. This will allow enough time for questions.
New Business: 
  • We need someone to be on the VYSA board. ODSL needs to have someone there representing the league present. Perhaps, inside the beltway, Northern, Western, and Southern representatives.
  • Discussed adding a couple of at-large board members. A suggestion was to select a member from each region of ODSL’s area.
  • Discussion: When clubs apply, they should come to ODSL with 3-4 teams, rather than just one team if they are a true new club.  It will help to prevent a single team from becoming a club just because they are disgruntled.    If you are an established club (either an existing travel or recreational program), iIf you are a club with an established recreational program (at least 100 players), or by the approval by the board of the club’s business plan, then you may submit one team.  
  • Tom expressed his gratitude for the great job Lisa did with the VYSA registration meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:25pm.