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Your child’s success or lack of success in sports
does not indicate what type of parent you are

But having an athlete that is coachable, respectful, a great teammate, mentally tough, resilient and tries their best is a direct reflection of your parenting .  

Author Unknown

Important Information About Concussions

Do you know the symptoms and how to properly care for a player who suffers a concussion?  READ MORE

Properly Anchored Goals
It is the responsibilty of every team official, referee, and even spectators to insure that goals are properly anchored during any match, practice, or scrimmage.  If a goal is unable to be properly anchored, the activity on that field should be abandoned immediately.  
US Consumer Product Safety Commission's Guidelines for Movable Soccer Goal Safety
Instruction on Team Packet Items

For further instructions on the items contained in the packets mailed to all teams

Randy Rawls Sportsmanship Awards for Fall 2014

Congratulations to the winners of the Randy Rawls Sportsmanship Awards in each of the fall divisions. To see a complete list of the winners

Revisions to the Club Pass Player Rules and Form
ODSL Has New Procedures for Club Pass Players

To download the Rules and the Club Pass Player Game Day Form  CLICK HERE

To download the rules in Spanish (Espanol)   CLICK HERE

New Team Numbers

The ODSL has assigned Official Team Numbers to the Teams new to the League in the Spring 2015 season. These numbers are required to register your team with your State organization. To see the assigned numbers

Fee Structure for Spring 2015
And Fee Submission form for Clubs

U9          $475 League fee - New teams add VYSA fee of $156
U10        $545 League fee - New teams add VYSA fee of $156
U11-12  $710 League fee - New teams add VYSA fee of $182
U13        $710 League fee - New teams add VYSA fee of $234
U14-19  $710 League fee - New teams add VYSA fee of $286

Teams based in MD or WV do not need to pay the VYSA fees.

All teams must pay their fees to their sponsoring club that will cut one check to ODSL for all their teams.  Sponsoring Clubs should mail the check to ODSL, PO Box 825, Gainesville, VA 20156

Fee Submission Form This form must accompany the check from the sponsor club for all team fees.

Reporting Match Scores

All match scores are to be reported online by the Home team.

Home Team Responsibilities for Rain-Outs
If your club closes its fields for weather you must
Rules and Discipline Committee and Appeals Committee

Issues concerning the misapplication of rules or conduct on the part of any ODSL team, player,coach, personnel, or official should be directed to your CLUB REPRESENTATIVE who can in turn contact the Chair of the Rules and Discipline Committee, Tom Lewis, vicepresident@odsl.org

Protests for misapplication of the rules, or appeal of an R&D ruling should be directed to the Chair of the Appeals Committee Doug Martz, president@odsl.org through your CLUB REPRESENTATIVE.  Please review the Procedures for filing outlined in the Operating Procedures

Disagreement with the judgement of an official is not grounds for a protest.

Sportsmanship Expectations
The Old Dominion Soccer League has certain expectations of exemplary sportsmanship on the part of the teams, players, coaches, volunteers, and parents participating in the league. The soccer skills that we teach our players will serve many of them well into adulthood.  In addition, all our players will benefit through-out their lives by what we teach them about sportsmanship, respect for their opponent, respect for the officials, and dignity. 
FAQs for the New Online VYSA Registration System

For this information...

Two Ways to Print Roster Labels for Your Game Report Cards

For instructions...

Sportsmanship Ratings
 As covered at the preseason meeting, ODSL no longer has the referees use the 10 point system to rate the teams for sportsmanship.  Now the referees are asked to rate separately the players, coaches, and spectators for sportsmanship on a scale from 0 to 4. 4 being excellent, 3 good, 2 average, 1 poor, and 0 being unacceptable.  The referees submit this information in their online match report.  You can see a team’s averages on these points by passing your cursor over the figures in the SP_AVG column on the standings page.  These ratings help the league reinforce the ODSL Codes of Conduct.  They are also used as a tie breaker in the Randy Rawls Sportsmanship Award voting. The League will apply additional scrutiny to any teams that consistently run a negative average.

Total cautions (yellow cards) and total ejections (red cards) are tracked separately under the TC and TE columns.  These also figure into the Randy Rawls Awards.
Old Dominion Soccer League
    P.O. Box 825
    Gainesville, VA 20156
    703 753-9191 H-O-F
Easter Weekend, no scheduled matches
First Weekend of Scheduled Play
ODSL Meeting with Club Reps, 7:30 pm, Manassas Hampton Inn
Exec. Board meeting, 7:30 pm
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